Since dating sites suggest that a weekend spent in a spa is a romantic way to bond and unwind, it is important to pick the right spa for a hassle-free and relaxing experience. Here are a few things to consider:


Services Offered and Rates.

Before stepping into the spa, it is better to know their services and treatments and most importantly, the prices. This allows more time to enjoy the services themselves rather than to waste time still deciding what package to choose and if the budget is enough. This way, the customers can know if the spa is the right one for them or not. The information must be seen on the spa’s website or in brochures or pamphlets that are being given away. Packages are also available if customers willing to avail of a set of treatments at a reasonable price.


Spa Etiquette (Clothing and Procedures).


Before availing of a massage, inquire if the massage style requires one to be fully naked or if the spa provides robes for the customers. This is also important, since other massage techniques involve more parts of the body than others. Other treatments may also require special clothing or robes. Some spas, allow the use of the customer’s own bathing suit or robe.








It truly is next to godliness. A clean and well-kempt spa facility is as attractive to any customer as those with a fancy ambiance and expensive decorations. If friends have been previous customers to a spa in mind, it is better to ask them if the materials used (e.g. stones and tools) are clean. Since spas specialize in treatments for the body, it is important to know if the staff themselves keep sense of proper hygiene so as not to contract any diseases. It is better to be sanitized than sorry.







If a meet-up with a date would result from E-matching or online dating, meeting at a spa would ensure an intimate and relaxing first date. It is better to check out spas that are just in close proximity to home to save money, gas and gives more time to get to know the date.