A spa is as good as the hands and efforts of the staff members. So, ask friends if the services are of good quality or check the spa’s website for recommendations and ratings. That is why it is important to consider a few things when planning a trip to a spa:


License and Registration.

This could be the most important thing to check before availing of services from a spa – their license to operate. Also check if the staff are registered to offer services and if they are trained to perform special treatments with or without the supervision of a physician (e.g. skin treatments with machines). This is ensure safety of the customers and the cooperation of the spa facilities.



After checking out the date site reviews and ratings of a spa from different websites, now the spa should deliver the quality promised. From the choosing of services until the end of it, a customer should be left more than satisfied. Staff should be on time and should be reliable, should questions and inquiries arise from the customers.


Customer Service.


If a broken heart needs mending, call the local day spa – not the bad dinner date nor the “second love.” A good accommodation would just open doors to a great spa experience. The staff can help in choosing the best massage package, the colors for the mani-pedi and the best skin treatment, if a customer has a hard time deciding or if the customer is a first-timer.







It depends on the customer if he or she is willing to tip the staff member. But it is also wise to check if it is against the spa’s policies or not. But nonetheless, if the service was A-okay, tip to the heart’s content.







This may be like a very minor consideration, but a staff member’s initiative for a customer goes a long way. If a customer feels uncomfortable taking off his or her clothes for a massage, a staff may suggest other alternatives, such as a robe or a bathing suit. In this way, a customer feels special in the care the staff and the employees. A smile makes a big difference in anyone’s day.


Getting services from a non-licensed spa place is the absolute worst. When I was still a newbie to the wonder of spas and massages, I never cared about licenses. However, when I was fooled by an unregistered service provider, it was traumatic. After that, I vowed to always look for licenses and registrations.