Yes, everyone knows what a massage is. But there more to it than just essential oils and pressing one’s back. It is more of an art that provides relaxation and aid for physiological function and well-being. And here are some of the types of massages that are commonly offered in spas:


Swedish Massage.


This massage is best and is most commonly suggested for relaxation. It uses circular and long strokes that improves blood flow which leads to a decrease in muscle tension and overall stress. If dating sites and long hours at work are stressful, a Swedish stroke is highly recommended.






Sports Massage.

Athletes and other active people also have their share in a spa’s amenities. A sports massage involves a lot of stretching and focuses on improving one’s flexibility. This is also suggested in reducing soreness due to lactic acid build-up after an intense workout or marathon.


Prenatal Massage.


For all those who already know what to expect when they’re expecting, this bit might come as a little unexpected. Yoga for pregnant women is already common nowadays, but so are massage therapies. Although this one needs a doctor’s approval and trained professional to do the work, but it provides a ton of benefits. This massage can help reduce the swelling of the feet, for it can redistribute excess body fluid properly to all other part of the body. This may also improve sleep and reduce anxiety, as well as body aches due to an increase in weight.




Sleep Massage.

For those who suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep, this one’s a total catch. If dating sites keep one up at night, and reduces the hours of a peaceful night’s sleep, a sleep massage is a better date. This provides relaxation through foot reflexology and scalp massage. This could keep dark and puffy eyes at bay and crankiness on hold.


Hot Stone Massage.

Do not be intimidated by the name, for it is literal. This type of massage is more in Swedish in style, with the addition of actual hot stones. This eases muscle tension, reduces pain and soreness and improves blood flow. All in all, providing a  more relaxed and calm well-being after a session.


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